FD Long Beach

Posted on Apr 10, 2014

So I finally made it out to a Formula Drift event, and needless to say it was amazing. The energy and prestige surrounding it was a really cool vibe. Plus the addition of all the GP stuff set up for the following week was really something to witness.


So starting from the beginning: 4am the night before we were supposed to leave, we were still up wrapping Dan Brockett’s car. 2one3 provided the wrap and the whole crew was there, fueled by chicken nuggets and McFlurries. We managed to get it done, got up a few hours later, finished some final touches on the car, loaded it up in Jim Guthrie’s rig, and headed out.


So the car was done and we were finally off. 12hrs to LA.


Got to Rancho Cucamonga, crashed out for a few hours, and headed to the Hankook distribution center first thing in the morning to pick up tires for Dan and some for Jim. I used to work at Discount Tire so it was kinda cool to see the massive warehouse where all the tires come from..


Made a quick stop in Irvine and picked up the Metal Mulisha van for our pit vehicle (thanks guys!) and continued on down to the pits in Long Beach and started getting everything prepped. Fired up the camera and started getting some establishing shots and stuff. Thinking I would be all artsy, I took the van down the the port and started shooting some timelapses of all the ships and cranes. I wasn’t there for more than 3 minutes and Harbor Patrol rolls up, telling me I’m not allowed to take photos of the harbor for security reasons. What?? I argued with him a bit about my constitutional rights, blah blah, the usual spiel we as photographers sometimes have to give. Fortunately my camera was already setup and running on an intervalometer so I delayed as much as possible before giving in and taking down my camera. I left the area, complete with a nice timelapse thanks to the delay, and proceeded to another area of the harbor to grab a few more shots haha.


But back to FD, before you knew it it was Friday and time to drift. The track was so great to shoot because you could get so close to the cars as they were screaming by, thanks to the huge concrete barriers.


Unfortunately Dan didn’t do too well due to some steering rack and boost issues, but he did succeed in that he didn’t wreck his car into a wall, as seemed to be the trend of the weekend..

So in the end, despite the lack of qualifying for us, it was still a great learning experience for the whole team. I put together a recap video for Dan, which is unfortunately anticlimactic, but I hope still entertaining:

And then of course a recap montage video of the whole event, which FD shared, and amazingly kinda blew up, so I was pretty stoked on that haha: