Posted on May 8, 2014

I’ve recently been learning Nuke, the compositing program from The Foundry, and it’s one of the most logical, yet somehow most confusing programs that I’ve ever learned. Similar to coding, it’s really rewarding when you can get it to work how you want it to though. I’m not nearly proficient in it yet, but I hope to employ some VFX goodness with it in some future projects!

Most recently, I’ve been toying around with 2D -> 3D camera projection mapping. I went out behind this ghetto little cafe near my house and took a bunch of pictures to try to recreate the scene in Nuke. I camera tracked a piece of green screen footage with my friend Jared (who’s starring in the shot) and matched the camera motion in the virtual set. The end result is pretty bad, as the lighting doesn’t match, etc etc, but the process is pretty awesome, and something you might hopefully find interesting:

Here’s the whopper node tree for that simple little shot:

ScreenHunter_24 May. 08 00.05

If you have any tech questions [or comments on how terrible it looks haha] feel free to hit me up in the comments/message me!