2013 Dustball Rally – Dallas to Miami

Cinematographer | Editor

The Dustball Rally is a 2000 mile, multi-day cross-country gimmick rally/roadtrip that takes place every summer.

Dustball wanted an action-packed, almost Jackass style video-series documenting the 5 days, both as a memento for rallyers and as promotional material for future rallies. In an entirely guerrilla fashion, I rode along and captured what transpired. Sorting through the massive amounts of footage afterwards was a definite challenge, but in the end was very rewarding.

Above is the teaser for the whole 5-day series, and below are Youtube links to each of the days:

Day 1 – Dallas to Memphis

Day 2 – Memphis to Atlanta

Day 3 – Atlanta to Daytona

Day 4 – Daytona to Miami

Day 5 – Miami

Shot on 550D and GoPro.

Dustball Rally on Youtube