Director | Cinematographer | Editor

Client: Dustball Rally
R8 Driver: John Paul Gonzales
Cam Car Driver: Dan Brockett

There are several road rallies in the US, Dustball Rally being one of them. Many of the other rallies are bigger and more extravagant than Dustball, but we felt that DBR’s strength lied in that it stays true to its “roots”–that is, a stronger focus on the roads and the driving experience itself rather than the destination and other accompaniments. With that in mind, I developed this piece with the road being the primary character and focus.

It was truly a lot of fun to shoot. Filming locations included various locations around New Mexico, Arizona, and California, the primary location with the R8 being the foothills behind the Sandia Mountains near Albuquerque.

Special thanks to these guys for tagging along to help on some of the shoot days and helping to keep me sane:
Dan Brockett
Guymon Cheung
Christian Marquez

Filmed on:
Sony FS700
Phanton 2 v.2 w/GoPro Hero 3 Black in 2.7k Protune
Canon t2i