Concept | Camera | Editor

Hankook wanted a fun video for Pike’s Peak, so we stuck around for a day after the actual event to shoot some narrative footage and some extra driving. Pretty much everything that could go wrong did during filming, but somehow we managed to pull together enough for a half-decent edit haha.
We’re looking forward to a better sequel 😀

Director: Dan Brockett

Dan Brockett
Jesse Wood
Tommy Babiarz

Miata Driver: Danny George

240sx Driver: Dan Brockett

Camera Ops:
Loren Haleston
Jesse Wood
Tommy Babiarz
Jon Maudlin

Additional Crew:
Kyle LeBlanc
Zach Babiarz

Special Appearances by:
Ken Gushi
Robert Walker

Edited by: Jesse Wood

Sony FS700
Canon 5DIII, 5DII, 550D
Nikon D610
GoPro Hero 3+